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Why You Should Delete Social Media: Say Hello to A Better Life!

By: Techlore (

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You should probably delete all your social media accounts. From mental health & anxiety, to privacy/security concerns (and more!) - social media negatively impacts you in more ways than one. Find our more about this incredible journey in this vide...

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Deadly Headshot
@techlore ... You do realise you're posting this *on* social media, right?
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Lee Matthew Jackson
This video came at a time I was removing as much social media in my life as possible due to mental health and burnout. It really helped encourage me several months in that I was going in the right direction and I could still balance a business brand with a disconnected personal life. Thank you for sharing this.
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After spending four years as a community manager and then a data analyst at a digital marketing company for 4 years, I gradually began deleting my accounts after I left. As of last week I deleted my LinkedIn - the last social media account I head. I 100% agree with all points here. I kept trying to tell myself "what if I need it", but after more than a year without Facebook (even as the lockdowns started happening), I can say that I am completely happy with my decision and I encourage everyone else to do so. Thanks for the video (and uploading it to a Peertube instance)!
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Mars Tot
Of Course, I'm on the verge of deleting a lot of my internet presence. Thanks TechLore
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Maixent Malonga 🌈⚖️📚🌎💻
@techlore I moved to Mastodon, it's a healthier place. Meantime I'm on the journey of de-googlifying my digital presence and replacing all intrusive products.
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lps great video!
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Marquis (On Break)
@techlore I have found that just moving to Mastodon years ago has helped a lot. That and deleting FB. I still use Twitter and IG, but I only really use it for marketing purposes.
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@techlore learning about deleting social media... Through social media 😆
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@techlore Hi which products social media? Fb, Twit?
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You're right. I stopped using social media and I am now less angry and my stress level is much lower. Everyone needs to know that life is possible without social media. You don't need it but they need you. Walk away now.
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