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GrapheneOS: The Most TOXIC Privacy Community (Attacks on CalyxOS, Seth Simmons, Techlore, & More)

By: Techlore (

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👉 Leadership reflects the project 👈 An issue we've been quiet about for's time to show the kind of leadership put forward from GrapheneOS, certain members of their community, and their lead developer - Daniel Micay. Glossary: Dani...

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Daniel criticizes other alternative ROMs calling them scammers and liers. Not only Copperhead and Calyx, but also lineage and /e/. His critics is factually based. Not having secure boot or not including all updates but claiming they are based on new android version. But this critics ignores context - main reason why people want alternative ROM is because to avoid automatic data collection from big companies. And here Daniel is surprisingly is on the side of those spies. Graphene OS runs only on google pixel and he constantly makes compliments about Iphone, Apple and Windows. At the same time criticizes Linux. There is something wrong with such view if he is honest but it could be just exaduration to add more weight to his critics of opensource.
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Update(watched a bit more): On graphene v copper, I think we should think about the freenode vs libera case. I think there was clearly a business person trying to takeover a project by volunteers who really cared about the project. Copperhead was essentially that. On the grapheneOS community, whenever they see something good about copperhead, it invokes a defend "Climate Change is real" type thing. You know you're in the right and the other person might be first exposure bias, ignorant, don't care or not have enough knowledge. But you feel the cause is big enough that you needed to mobilise against that viewpoint. Copperhead really does not have anything for it. They even tried to sell it to criminals and then spy on them and sell that data to gov and even spy on anothere gov. Seth: When some random influential person does something you think is wrong and the other side has money I think it's natural to assume they might have gotten some money for it(twitter sponsors). So, that's that. Would you feel comfortable being portrayed as the maker of frankenstein? Would others be comfortable? Pretty sure that matrix thing was not an attack and more of a vulnerability of allowing punctuations in names. You actually like paypal? :D Like everyone hates paypal freezing stuff like the mailpile freeze lol. Community raids is sadly common from both sides, some of it intentional by mods who feel different and some not. It's best if both of you don't bring this up in matrix channel. Birds and Flower rule.
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You can't copyright open source code. Copperhead was released as BSD license when it launched and as such anyone can fork it and do whatever they wish. If micay gave up the 50% share in the company he would be removing case data and that's a no go from legal standpoint. BSD license allows the code to become closed source but not attacking others for using the software however they see fit and is a valid basis for legal battle.
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BadgerInATrenchcoat :verified:
@techlore The video lacks context and spreads false and harmful information about Graphene, and unrightfully so. Sure, the owner's imperfect, but so is the pathological liar that runs CopperHead or the unreasonable snake that runs Calyx. Stop spreading FUD to your easily influenced fans.
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Just who the hell do you think you are to try and smear Daniel Micay and his awesome project? You must be a paid Copperhead troll. Daniel has done more and gone through more than any one single person to provide the world with secure and privacy-focussed phone options. What have you done? Fuck you.
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@techlore He might be a prick or suffer some form of paranoid schizophrenia, but I still feel more welcome to use GrapheneOS than anything by Calyx which seems to be fighting in official capacity for canceling people for bollocks.
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beney elohim
@techlore I usually don't appreciate videos about such topics, simply because they are out of date pretty quickly. However, this topic is different because it showcases the underlying pathology of a person's digital persona at least, if not of even the person's real life personapity. Toxic behavior in the digital world can be seen as similar pathological and harmful as real life behavior.
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@techlore People are so fuckin stupid. Like, what is it that they don't understand that people have different needs around privacy and security and the trade-offs against convenience is a very personal choice. Who cares if someone is doing something different. Do your own damn thing and mind your damn business.
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