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Brave Search vs DuckDuckGo! - Who's the better search engine?

By: Techlore (

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Brave Search has hit public beta, so let's see how it compares to DuckDuckGo in this complete search engine comparison! Search Engine Map: 00:00 Introduction (Mostly for the haters) 02:16 Beginning of search comp...

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Hyol O'Brika
@techlore That’s cool that it funds a charity. Does it use it’s own index though? Does it promise to be unbiased like Brave Search?
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Mars Tot
Thanks for this insight over the two search providers. My issue with brave search is that is doesn't have more than 1 result page.
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@techlore I've been pretty impressed with brave search so far
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I'll go with over either Brave or DuckDuckgo.
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