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Should You Combine VPN & Tor? | Privacy Misconceptions 3 #shorts

By: Techlore (

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VPN + Tor!? VPN or Tor?! What to do... 🔐 Techlore Website: 🕵 Go Incognito Course: 🎧 Surveillance Report Podcast: 📹 Odysee:

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@techlore Could you or anyone provide any semblance of explanation why Tor over VPN not only isn't better but actually compromises privacy? I hear this all the time and the lack of need to back a claim that seems to go against very simple straightforward logic is mind-boggling to me.
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This misconception is funny. I've recently stumbled upon a one star Tor Browser review in google play store, in it person wrote, quote: "Stopped working altogether with VPN...Then the question: Why is it needed if there is not enough anonymity? For the regular work with the network there are a good well-known browsers. Summary: not satisftied"
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