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5 BEST FOSS Services (That BEAT Their Mainstream Competitors!)

By: Techlore (

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Open source software has a reputation of offering freedom at the expense of a sacrificed user experience and/or other compromises--but not all! This video will dive into our 5 favorite FOSS projects that beat their mainstream alternatives. ...

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Love your project Plexus. This is going to be a must goto for me on my Lineage/MicroG phone. No more guessing if an app will work or not. Great work!
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Deleted Comment
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Carlos SolĂ­s
I don't quite have a good feeling regarding Brave. I'm hoping the fork (formerly Braver, now called Bold) finally settles out of their trademark issues and releases a new version
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@techlore I'm kinda surprised that you didn't mention Bromite.
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Thanks for practising what you preach, I'm so glad to watch these on Peertube over Youtube:)
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