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What is PeerTube?

By: A propos de PeerTube (

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**[Want to help to translate this video?](** **Take back the control of your videos! [#JoinPeertube](** *A decentralized video hosting network, based on fr...

Category Science & Technology
License Attribution - Share Alike
Language English
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This platform is just a perfection :3
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kartoffelcheetah 💉
@framasoft This video was my first exposure to AP and federation.
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Benjamin Wölkchen
Thanks for this nice video explanation of Peertube!
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Hegel's Bastard
here we go
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@framasoft cool!!!!!!
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Glad to see this, commenting from Pleroma!
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@framasoft Would be cool to redub this video in other languages, not just translate subtitles. Is the video availlable without the audio narration ?
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Stefan B
I think it is to late for things like peertube now 😢 they have no chance against youtube or vimeo etc.
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👍 💪
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ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα
@Troll tu peux passer direct comme ça avec une réponse au post dans masto. Je ne sais pas si ça répond à ce que tu veux faire @framasoft
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@framasoft cool!
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Thanks for creating such an informative video.
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@framasoft Testing comments from Pleroma. Fantastic tools and teams, the FOSS community is leading the way to decentralisation! 🤘 🤗
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@framasoft Peertube is great you can comment any Peertube video from any mastodon account
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@framasoft great video
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